Our Vision

We are passionate Pet lover and believe that the combination of technology and innovation can bring a difference in the lives of pets and ours too. Our goal is to enrich Pets lives and those who love them by providing a virtual home for the finny and furry members of the family. Where be it pet care, pet advice, pet counselling, pet training, pet grooming or pet consultation we do it all, for you to access it from the comforts of your home by the use of our innovation and devotion with the help of your technology and love for your Floofins.

Our Mission

Our objective is to give you and your pet an experience like never before by being the most unique and trusted online care destination for pet parents/partners. We look forward to offer an impeccable advice for your every pet in need at seconds away.

Who we are?

We are a home of pets and those who love them. A group of animal enthusiasts and passionate pet lovers who are on a mission of enriching pet lives by dint of technology, innovation and endless obsession. We are your one stop solution for everything Pet related be it food, pet care, toys, beddings, costumes, grooming tips, trainings, or vet services we go right the way through the quick & first opinion to thorough world class guidance and check up by specialist veterinarians.

Our Promise?

Our passions for pets goes beyond limits we are out here in the market to build stronger communities and a better safer world for pets and animals at large. We are out there to connect the people with pets so all we are doing at pets virtual home be it pet adoption, pet ownership, pet & animal rescue we are doing it all coz we believe in a world where pets and people are better together.

We are not here to just be in the business of pets. We are passionate and obsessive pet lovers too. We are not here to make quick money or sell products and supplies we are in it for the long haul we are in it to reshape and enrich the lives of people and pets to make this world a better place for animals and humans to live in harmony. We are not here to do and tell you only about trendy things or matters that just works for today we are committed to bring innovation in the lives of pets backed by the combination of technology and science at large. And we believe that what we have today is not enough it never is going to be because of the ever changing conditions and developments it is going to keep challenging us each day to bring something new but we don’t stop because we won’t stop……


A pandora of sheer love so that your pet will remain the same fizzy, fantastic, fun element you want it to be instead of making your life a mess.

Pet Care

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Pet Shop

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Membership/Pet Profile

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Virtual Studio

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Training & Grooming

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