Our Services

We are keen on nourishing pets by enriching lives; it is our core belief that pets and people are better together. Our goal here is not to make livelihood we are passionate Pet loves and obsessed about making a revolution in their lives by enabling you to take a leap forward and help us in our cause. We’re your people for bona fide services that you & your Pet loves, and we aim to be the professionals you can rely on, put your trust on us for healthy, happy and glowing Pet. And we guarantee, Your Pet will remain the same fizzy, fantastic, fun element you want it to be instead of making your life a mess.

Pet Care

We want you to put your mind at ease as we are eager to start a new chapter in the all-important book of pet care it’s going to be a new beginning for your Floofins be it feathery, finny or furry we take care of all. It’s a new home of your Pet, and it’s looking like a paradise.

Pet Shop

We want to be your one-stop-all pet shop solution. So, be it pet accessories, medicines, toys, food items, pet clothes, or anything related to Pet we have got your tail covered. Even if you’re looking for a quality Pet itself, you can buy it here our passion and obsession is our guarantee.

Membership/Pet Profile

Our goal is to provide your Pet with a home away from home in the form of a virtual home. So you can register your account with us and make your Pet’s personalized profile, and we will treat your Pet as a member of the family just as the way it is. For multiple Pets, you can get a membership and add as many pet profiles as you like.


In making this world a better place for the animals and to translate our passion for Pets into something practical, we have come up with Rescue service. You can report any pet or animal in need of a shelter, help, medication, and we will take care of it. We are eager to pull pets out of their dreadful nightmares, so play your part and help us out.

Virtual Studio

Now you can enjoy the heart whelming pet stories, live or recorded performances, and amazing tips by experts to enhance your relationship with your pets from the comforts of your home. You can join this studio with your family and show your kids an amazing virtual experience related to pets to enhance their love for animals.

Training & Grooming

For every Pet, you own you need a certain type of training to sense the need a “Meow” of cat won’t tell you what she needs unless you are trained to judge. So, we have a special service where you can get awesome training and grooming tips for every Pet to enhance their lives and build up a strong relationship with them.